HELEN KELLER WORLD CONFERENCE  World Federation of the DeafBlind (WFDB) will host the 11th HKWC and 5th WFDB General Assembly at Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, Spain.

FASOCIDE wishes you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021.

Landscaped image with resin figurines that form a Nativity scene, on a lot of straw of brown and green tones. All the picture is stained with more intense black on the outside ad softer as it approaches the centre, until it reaches the image of the Child Jesus, which does look sharp. In the centre Child Jesus appears with his...
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INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN The pandemic caused by COVID19 has highlighted the discrimination  and the communication and access to information barriers that deafblind women encounter, as well as existing resources and services for reporting situations of gender-based violence, that as we know, have arised during the confinement. It is essential that our needs are taken into...
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Progress in our Erasmus Plus Project

We continue working on our #ErasmusPlus project in collaboration with Hapti-co and EDbU to create a methodological guide that facilitates the creation of a Haptic System in the different countries that still don´t have one, and to promote this method of communication by which it is received context information by signs given in different parts of the body, mainly the...
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European Deafblind Day

Hello everyone, Today we are celebrating the European Deafblind Day. We want the society to know us and also that the society knows how they can helps us in a very easy way in case of need. Therefore, thanks to the collaboration of a deaf person, Javier Peña, today we share this new video of Vernacular Vision. In this ocassion,...
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Spanish Sign Languages National Day

This 14th June, we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Spanish sign languages national day and from FASOCIDE we would like to join this commemoration. The 14th June was chosen because on that day, back in 1936, the CNSE was funded. As the CNSE says: “It is a date to remind and to honour the work, the effort and the determination of...
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