HELEN KELLER WORLD CONFERENCE  World Federation of the DeafBlind (WFDB) will host the 11th HKWC and 5th WFDB General Assembly at Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, Spain.


Today 27th June, 2019 deafblind people celebrate the International Day of  Deafblind People to raise awareness, to let society know about us, and to show our needs but also our abilities, we state the following: Deafblindness is a unique disability that consist of a combination of two sensorial losses, both hearing and visual, that generate major problems for having a...
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EDbU General Assembly and European Deafblind Women and Young formus

This year, as every year, we took part in the events organised by the EDbU. On this occasion, we celebrated the 6th Annual General Assembly and the 2nd Deafblind Youth Forum and the 3rd Deafblind Women’s Forum. This year these events took place in Budapest, Hungary, which coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Deafblind Association of Hungary. As always,...
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FASOCIDE General Assembly 2019

On 21st and 22nd May the FASOCIDE General Assembly 2019 took place in Madrid. As every year, the participants were informed about the balance of expenses and incomes in 2018 and the 2019 budget. After that, all participants told a brief summary about all the activities done in 2018 by FASOCIDE and by its associations. They also talked about important...
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Workshop about deafblindness in Mallorca

On the 7th of May, a workshop to rise awareness about deafblindness organized by ONCE and FASOCIDE took place in Mallorca. Our colleague Rosada Rodrigo attended this event representing our federation. Furthermore, Josep Vilaseca, territorial delegate of ONCE Illes Balears; Alejandra Luque, head of the Department of Social Services; Mari Carmen Soler, president of the Territorial Council; Eugenio Romero, head...
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People with disability on the Agenda 2030

We attended the event about “people with disability on the Agenda 2030” which took place at the Palacio de la Moncloa, last 20th April. Francisco Trigueros Molina, president of FASOCIDE and Marina Martín, representative of the Deafblind Women Committee of the federation, attended this event scorted by our guide-interperters who made it accessible. It was a very productive event, in...
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