XVIII FASOCIDE’S Deafblind People Meeting in Zaragoza

 Inclusive leisure-time for deafblind people

Last 24th – 27th October took place the XVIII FASOCIDE’s Deafblind People Meeting in Zaragoza. 40 deafblind people participated in this meeting from different places throughout the country, just to enjoy some barrier-free and inclusive leisure-time days.

During these 4 days, the deafblind people had the opportunity to now the Romareda Stadium and we visited as well the Museum of Fire and Firefighters. We also had guided tours to the Pilar Basilica, and the Roman Theatre and Forum. We enjoyed as well the aragonese gastronomy and the nightflife in the city. In addition, on Friday 25th took place a governmental event at La Casa de la Mujer of Zaragoza in which some authorities took part in who have supported our collective since the begining of our associative movement. In this event spoke Andrés Ramos, Assistant General Director of Social Services for members of ONCE; Noelia Carbó, Regional Director of IASS (Insular Institute of Social and Health Care); Francisco Javier Trigueros Molina, President of FASOCIDE and María José Macaya, ASOCIDE Aragon President.

All these cultural and training activities has been done in a free-communication and mobility barrier zone thanks to the participation of 35 guide-interpreters who made possible the full accessibility all the time during these days. In addition, two accompanying persons and 5 volunteers of the Educational Centre Ponce de León of Madrid participated as well. They all did a great work and they show us that future generations have the encouragement that our collective needs.

We would like to thank to the Aragon’s capital the warm hospitality and the opportunity they gave us to enjoy these 4 amazing days sharing information, learning about the regional culture and creating synergy bonding between our deafblind peers from different autonomous regions. Furthermore, we also appreciate the support we received from the IRPF grant which is focused on social interests, because without it this meeting would not have been possible.

As always, we would like to praise the hard work that our guide-interpreters and volunteers did, because they did a great effort during these 4 days so the deafblind people could come back home with a strong desire of meeting each other again next year in Extremadura.

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