Without hearing or seeing, our political opinion comes up from our surroundings

People with disabilities explain the problems they face in order to access to political agendas and to exercise their right to vote so they demand equality.

The Diario Vasco  interviewed three people with disability due to the last general elections which took place on November 10th. One of the interviewed was Josu Domínguez, ASOCIDE Euskadi president and member of the FASOCIDE’s Board.

On this interview, Josu highlighted the lack of accessibility to elections for deafblind people and the current barriers we have to face in order to vote.

On the one hand, although the existing accessible kit, applications must be done by telephone which is a barrier for our collective. On the other hand, deafblind people who go to the electoral colleges need specific adaptations in order to know where do we have to vote, or professionals who can communicate with us.

Furthermore, the election propaganda does not have any adaptation for deafblind people. This means that without seeing or hearing and without electoral programme we feel sometimes influenced by our surrounding while choosing the party that represents us, without having all the needed information to make our own choice independently.

We hope that this article will be useful in order to achieve little by little accessibility for deafblind people to elections, in order to being able to exercise our right to vote.

You can read the article made by the Diario Vasco using this link este enlace

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