Alert state measures

As we already told you, Spain keep on the alarm state. Officially it started on the 14th March and it will be extended 15 days more probably.

On the Official Gazette published yesterday 14th March, it specifies the following rules we all must fulfil. 

In general, we cannot go out, it is forbidden. We only are allowed to go out, just in the following cases:

1. To buy food, pharmaceutical or first aids products. 
2. To go to the doctor.
3. To go to work and back.
4. To go out in order to take care of elderly people, children, people who require long-term care or people with disabilities and particularly vulnerable people
5. To go to the bank and to do insurance management.
6. For reasons beyond the reasonable control or for a specific situation.

You can only go out individually except if you are conducting a person with disability.

If we need to walk the dog, for example, we are allowed to do that but just one person. 

. Please find the Official Gazette document attached in case you would like to read it and, as always, you can contact us if you have any doubt or questions.

We recommend to the deafblind People that if you need to go out for any reason mentioned above, to carry with you your red-white cane in order to be recognised.

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