Official recognition of the Bulgarian sign language.

Map of Europe, Bulgary in yellow. Text: Congratulations Bulgaria!Last January 21th Bulgary approved the official recognition of the Bulgarian sign language, which came into force last February.

This recognition means a very important step on the fight for the rights of the deafblind and deaf people.

We would like to congratulate the National Association of the Deafblind in Bulgaria on their great work and tireless struggle to achieve this recognition. They are an example of persistence that we hope will serve to encourage countries that have not yet recognized their sign language.

We are sure that the EDbU will continue to support and boost the work of other associations until this recognition is obtained in the remaining countries of Europe and, from FASOCIDE, we will continue to contribute with our work for all the colleagues who need it.

Europe is now a little bit more accessible to us, deafblind people.

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