Interview on TV with Mireia Mendoza, Spanish deafblind model.

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Presenter: Well, today we are going to know the history of Mireia Mendoza. She is a 27 years old young for whom the word impossible does not exist. Mireia has become the first deaf and blind model who parades in the most important catwalks of the world. A dream that she has achieved thanks to her perseverance and to walk stepping firmly through the catwalk of life.

(Off voice) Madrid Fashion Week 2019, 2020, Milan Fashion Week 2019, and many, many photo shoots for a who is an example of self-improvement because she is deafblind. Two diseases: retinosis pigmentosa, which causes her to lose her visibility, little by little, until she become completely blind, and another one called Usher Syndrome, hereditary and which causes deafness. Not only that, in 3 months working in ONCE she distributed 9.025.000 euros in prizes working as seller. Mireia’s enthusiasm to live, to move forward and to fight for her dreams is contagious.

P: I am so happy to be here with Mireia Mendoza, good afternoon, and to Cristina who help us interpreting. How is possible, Mireia, that you have been able to fulfil so many dreams when, well, you have blindness and deafness problems since childhood?

Mireia: Yes, at that moment I didn’t expect to achieve that dream because in 2019 I got the chance to walk in Milan and at that moment I discovered that nothing is impossible for me and that I can do anything I set my mind to, and that is how my personal project was born, which name is MM Deafblind Model and it means that I will give visibility and accessibility to deafblindness in the world.

P: She is the first deafblind model. You example is admirable, which can help a lot of people, because you have not stopped, there is no barriers for you, you have achieved what nobody could imagine, not even you, and I would like you to share with us that moment of the catwalk, which we are seeing in pictures. What do you feel?

M: The truth is I felt very professional and empowered on the catwalk, I realised that there is nothing that… I have fulfilled my dream that, in fashion, the disability can do it and that anything is possible.

P: There are no barriers, there are no obstacles for you and you have demonstrated, haven’t you? Mireia is so magic, she is very special because of too many reasons and she has a gift which she has proven not only by walking at Madrid Fashion Week and Milan and working in many other jobs, but also presenting awards, Mireia.

M: Yes, ONCE’s prize, yes. I didn’t expect it because that day was Friday and my colleagues from ONCE sent me a WhatsApp about that I had given the 9 million coupon and… yes, it’s that really…

P: That really can’t be described.

M: I have been working at ONCE for 4 months and I have given luck.

P: Where do you get your strength from?

M: I thing I have come to this world to do something valuable and I believe people with disabilities can do anything.

P: You are the example, aren’t you? Mireia, by listening to your story and telling it with such enthusiasm, you are helping so many people not to set limits or borders and to overcome all obstacles. What a pleasure to meet you and to have you here! I thank you on behalf of the whole team and we hope you continue to spread good luck. Thank you, Mireia and thank you, Cristina, a real pleasure.

M: Many thanks to all of you.

P: We say goodbye to Mireia and Cristina. Thank you for being there. Good night, we’ll be back tomorrow. Have a good rest.

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