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Since the arrival of the COVID19 to Spain, FASOCIDE and its associations have adapted their services to Deafblind people in order not to let anyone behind.

For that purpose, some aspects of the work have been adapted and new services has been created in order to reach the needs in consequence of this current situation.

The remote services have been strengthened as the communication by using new technological devices as well, but we keep giving in situ personalized attention to all the deafblind people as the situation requires.


The main services we are providing to the deafblind people are as follows:

Deafblind interpreting, guiding and escorting service

  • Medical services
  • Legal services
  • Bank services
  • Walking down the Street (people with special authorisation)
  • Giving information about the current situation in case the deafblind users do not have digital access.
  • Video interpreting services in order to talk with relatives.


Deafblind interpreting service by video calling

  • Cancellation of previous meetings with third parties.
  • Health Centre arrangements.
  • Veterinary consultation.
  • Teachers consultation.
  • Phone Company arrangements.
  • Assistance Support arrangements.
  • Letters and documents reading.


Psychosocial support to deafblind people and relatives

  • Psychological intervention from our professionals.
  • Personal emotional support from deafblind interpreters and social enabler.
  • To promote digital deafblind people meetings


Special social attention

  • Buying food and pharmaceutical products.
  • Throwing the rubbish away.
  • Home managements.
  • Daily contact with the most vulnerable people.
  • Keeping contact with the relatives.



  • We remind the safer contact ways in case of needing support.
  • Direct contact with the most vulnerable Deafblind woman in order to know their situation.

Creating, adapting and spreading information

  • Creating and spreading accessible summaries (video, audio and text) of the official statements.
  • Accessible phycological advices.
  • Accessible cleaning and sanitation advices.
  • Creating the promotional campaign “And you? What do you do to enjoy better the quarantine?”

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