Correct hand washing against the coronavirus

Hello everyone:

For the Deafblind people the sense of touch is essential for communicating in tactile sign language, tactile fingerspelling, in dactyls… or in order to receive information about our surroundings.

Thus, if the whole society must be careful right now, us, the Deafblind people and the deafblind interpreters, we must be careful twice.

We are receiving information about how to wash our hands by the television, social media, WhatsApp, etc, but now are going to explain you an easy way to do it, so we can feel we are doing it well.

Washing your hands should last at least 40 or 60 seconds, but it could be easier by counting the times of each movement.

Let’s repeat each movement 15 times, like this:

  1. Open the tap and wet your hands.
    2. Pour some soap in your hand.
    3. Rub the palm of your hands 15 times.
    4. Rub the back of your hand with de palm 15 times.
    5. Now do the same with the other hand.
    6. Now do the same while intertwining your fingers. Repeat 15 times.
    7. Now, focus on your thumb of each hand. Repeat 15 times each hand.
    8. Now, nail with nail. Repeat 15 times.
    9. Now to rub your fingers with the palm of the other hands. 15 times each hand.
    10. Now, rinse them with water.
    11. Finally, we dry our hands with some paper; we closet the tap with that paper and we through it.

We would like to remind you to the Deafblind people, that you can contact us for anything you need by calling us, or via WhatsApp, email or video calling. You can find the contact information of our associations in our website. Regarding FASOCIDE, remember that you can contact these two numbers:

Carolina 609 79 2827
Lali 629 18 26 21

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