Information about the coronavirus: Spanish Alarm State (14th March, 2020)

Hello to everyone:

We would like to inform you about the last news regarding the Coronavirus. The president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, stated that Spain is settling officially the alarm state today and it will last 15 days.

What does it mean?

It is a specific situation for social or health crisis as the current situation regarding the Coronavirus. Thanks to the alarm state the government is able to use all the needed resources to fight against the Coronavirus, taking the proper measures in order to protect the citizens.

the president will meet the council of ministers in order to take the right decisions and after that will inform us.

We know that everything will be closed except the supermarkets and the pharmacies.

The president also said that we will win this fight against the coronavirus if we all fight together. The way we can collaborate is by staying at home, we do not go out to party, we do not meet friends, we do not travel to our hometown in order to be with our relatives, w stay home. We must be patience in order to avoid that the virus spreads easily.

He also reminded us that is very important to wash your hands well and frequently. To wash our hands well means with water and soap, rubbing the palm of the hands and intertwining your fingers during 40 seconds.

We will keep you informed.

We remind you to all deafblind people that you can contact us for anything you may need. In our website you can find our telephone numbers and the email addresses of all our associations, and in addition, you can contact us using these FASOCIDE’s telephone numbers:

Carolina 609 79 28 27
Lali 629 18 26 21


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