Bilbao becomes the Spanish capital of deafblind young people for a week by the hand of Fasocide

The iniciative is inaugurated by the Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Basurto

About twenty deafblind young people analyse their reality and their future with many activities in the city 

Bilbao, August 31st 2021. Over the next few days, the city of Bilbao will become the Spanish capital of deafblindness for hosting the XVIII Meeting of Young People with Deafblindness, where about twenty of these boys and girls -with the support of their deafblind interpreters- will share experiences, will tour the city and will work to discuss about their present and, especially, about their future.

The event is oficially launched on September, Wednesday 1st at the ONCE Territorial Delegation in the Basque Country at 10.00, and it will be attended by the Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, and the Vice-Counsellor of Social Policies of the Basque Government, Lide Amilibia, among other authorities.

The iniciative is organised by the Federation of Associations of Deafblind People of Spain (Fasocide), in collaboration with ONCE, and thanks to a financial contribution from the ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, charged to the PIT allocation.


Technology, sport, leisure

Young people with deafblindness will carry out multiple activities related to their daily lives, from regular guided tours around the city to sensory actions in the sea, location activities in the city, activities to learn about technologies and the use of them adapted to their reality, etc.


On the 1st, a gymkana around Bilbao is planned that will help on location and decisión making, as well as getting know the city and, in the afternoon, a workshop on tiflotechnology, meaning, technology applied to blind and deafblind people.

The next day, 2nd, the activity moves to Gorliz beach, with an acuatic iniciative, followed by an environmental workshop at the sand, while on Tuesday, September 3rd, an ascent route of the Urkiola Mount using the “Guide bar” technique whereby a deafblind person walks with his hand on a bar that is held and steered by two mountaineers.

In the afternoon, a workshop on sensory stimulation will be held on a farm with an activity known as “Shepherd for a day”, full of sensations with animals of different species.

Likewise, there will be debates and speeches in different assemblies in order to keep working on the future, while the young model with deafblindness, Mireia Mendoza, a regular model at high fashion shows on the catwalks of Milan or Madrid Fashion Week, will give some motivation talks.

The presentation ceremony will also be attended by the head of the Youth section of FASOCIDE, Javier García Pajares; the president of the Territorial Council of ONCE in the Basque Country and Secretary of EDEKA, Rafael Ledesma; the secretary of ASOCIDE Euskadi, Asier Altuna; the Director of the Euro-Latin American Centre (CEULAJ), José Ismael Criado; the General Director of Promotion of the Personal Autonomy of the County Council of Bizkaia, Asier Alustiza; and the Councillor for Social Action of the City Council of Bilbao, Juan Ibarretxe.






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