Convened by the Committee of Integration Politics of Disability, of the Congreso de los Diputados (House of Lords), at the request of Grupo Parlamentario Porpular, the representatives of the organizations of Deafblind had the chance to make proposals and suggestions in the National Scope, on the 17th of May.

Francisco Trigueros, in representation of FASOCIDE, took the voice of Deafblind people, their concerns, needs and barriers in which the public administrations should intervene in.

In his intervention, he reclaimed the main working lines that have to be given dedication and effort to guarantee quality of life of the Community. Therefore, he emphasised in the importance to develop a specific law that recognises Deafblind as an only disability and prevent from mention in other laws that do not represent the Community in its entirety, and the necessity to elaborate imminently a list of registered voters to guarantee the fundamental rights and equality with the rest of Communities with disability, and the society in general, since if we do not identify Deafblind people, it will be very difficult to detect and provide the means that they need.

From FASOCIDE, we consider very important that the political organs have taken into account the Deafblind Community, and we hope that all the information that the representatives have provided in this appearance will be useful to really progress to where the Deafblind people need.

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