We had the pleasure to participate in the Amadis Conference last 8th and 9th October. A conference organized by CESyA which continues to seek solutions and trying to start a public debate regarding the accessibility to the audiovisual media to people with disabilities.

The main progress about Spanish as European legislation were presented, as all the projects which have been undertaken in the past years and the project which still are in development phase. Furthermore, they spoke as well about the importance of the presence and image that the media gives regarding the people with disabilities. It was also highlighted that no matter the number of accessible media, the percentage of the legislation compliance is very important, as the quality of the services but much remains to be done.

Our president Francisco Trigueros had the opportunity of speaking about the situation of the accessibility for the deafblind People on an international level and he expressed some of his experiences that we had at the Helen Keller World Conference last June in Benidorm. Moreover, he also mentioned the great progress for our collective regarding accessibility to the television content for the creation of the App GoAll, which was developed by Ángel Crespo and his team of the University Carlos III with the support of  Telefonica.

Taking part of the AMADIS Conference 2018 gives us a lot of hope because we realized the accessibility is improving little by little, but also have to keep working on that because there is still a long way to go. We must keep in mind that to promote accessibility to the audiovisual media is crucial in order to make disappear the biggest barriers which people with disabilities have: the access to information. And it is important to underline too, that as the director of Support Policies to Disabilities Jesús Celada says “to greater accessibility, less disability”.

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