Accessibility in Teleassistance for Deafblind people.

Four people whatching a mobile phone. One of them is testing something in the device.Rosana Rodrigo, representative of the FASOCIDE Accessibility Committee, has started a new phase of revision and testing of the technology that TECSOS Foundation is developing to ensure the accessibility of the Cruz Roja Teleassistance for all Deafblind people.

We know that Deafblind people we form a very heterogeneous collective, therefore the access to such a wide range of profiles, as deafblind people with communication based on sign language, oral language or others, with visual rest or not, with auditive rest or not, braille-line users or not, etc. must be guaranteed. Everything must be accessible to all of them.

The developers are aware of the heterogeneity that characterises our collective and therefore, from the beginning, they have wanted Deafblind people to be directly involved in the process.

Thus, as Rosana has carried out the test on this occasion, it is foreseen that in the coming weeks deafblind people of different profiles will also collaborate in these revisions to contribute possible improvements.

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