What is FASOCIDE?  Who are we?

FASOCIDE, Spanish Federation of Associations of Deafblind People.

FASOCIDE was born from the need of the territorial delegations of ASOCIDE to have a greater autonomy management in their respective regions (Spanish Autonomous Communities).

FASOCIDE began its activity in 2011 when in extraordinary General Assembly, ASOCIDE agrees to be a founding member along with the Association of the Deafblind People of Comunidad Valenciana, the Association of Deafblind People of Euskadi and the Deafblind Association of Catalunya. But it was not until February 3, 2012, when FASOCIDE is constituted.

FASOCIDE assumes the representation and defense of the rights and interests of Deafblind people to Governments and other public and private institutions. Also in the Autonomous Communities, social services designed for people with disabilities and the development of plans for the Deafblind people full social inclusion that make easier their full equality and participation in society, with all the rights according the Law of Equal Opportunities, Non-discrimination and Universal Accessibility of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.



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