Women´s Committee

This Committee aims to identify common problems that Deafblind women have just by the fact of being so, collecting their concerns and studying proposals which improve their life quality and encourage their social participation, ensuring the exercise of their rights as well as access to information in all areas of social life, notably those related to their double condition of woman and person with disability. Therefore, the main objective of this Committee is to ensure that Deafblind women’s needs, demands and proposals are taken into account, making them more visible, regardless of their age, race, religion or sexual condition.

MUJER SCThe activities developed by this Committee are:

  • Develop proposals in relation to training activities aimed at women and any other ideas that involve innovation in employment promotion.
  • Participate in conferences, seminars or conferences of interest to the Group of women Deafblind promoting the dissemination of its contents between the members.
  •  Promote the individual and collective participation of women in social life.
  •  Collaborate with other public or private institutions on all issues related to women and equal opportunities promotion.
  •  Make suggestions, both individual or collective, in order to eliminate or prevent abuse actions targeting Deafblind women.
  •  Keep contact with women from other countries and Deafblind organizations.


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