Sports Committee

It aims to bring sport to Deafblind people by searching through the spaces and sporting activities adapted to the one specific sensory disability which is Deafblindness. Another sports committee objective is to sensitize society and aware about Deafblind people’s situation as a cspecific group who are capable of taking part in sports activities with necessary adaptations.

In addition, since September 2014, ASOCIDE is member of the International Sports Federation of the Deafblind (ISFDb).

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FASOCIDE’s Sports Committee main objectives are:IMG_1395

  • Encourage the active participation of the Deafblind people in the practice of recreation, amateur sport and physical education.
  • Participate in conferences or seminars of interest, promoting the dissemination of their content to other members.
  • The participation in international sports competitions for Deafblind people.
  • Collaborate and participate with public administrations and public and private institutions in programs or activities that they develop.
  •  Represent FASOCIDE in all those public or private sports institutions or authorities.


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