The day before the International Day of People with Disabilities it took place the third and last meeting of the year 2017 of the committee on Youth of FASOCIDE.

Five of the six delegates on Youth attended to the meeting all of them from the associations affiliated to the federation: Raquel Alba, representative of Youth of FASOCIDE and ASOCIDE-Euskadi Youth, Casimiro Ondo, from the ASOCIDE-CV Youth, Imane Lachiri from ASOCIDE-Catalonia Youth, Daniela Días from ASOCIDE-Murcia Region Youth and Elizabeth García, from ASOCIDE-Andalusia.

Guides-interpreters attended as well so the delegates could go to the meeting place and in order to make possible a smooth communication during the course of the day.

At the meeting they produced some videos regarding highlighted days, in order to inform and make themselves known to the young deafblind people and the rest of the society and they made decisions regarding different issues like:  sale of the solidarity calendar, the study of the need of the young deafblind people, the 2018 deafblind young camp, the II assembly on Youth of FASOCIDE, the drafting of the internal regulations and the internal structure reinforcement of the Youth of FASOCIDE among others.

Finally they worded a draft regarding the action plan of the Youth of FASOCIDE for the upcoming year 2018.

This meeting as the lasts has been possible thanks to the support of INJUVE and the Territorial Council of Madrid of ONCE which through FASOCIDE lent us the room in order to have the meeting.

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