Zapatero visits FASOCIDE’s main office.

On Thursday 9th January the expresident of the Spanish Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, visited our main office at Prim Street, in Madrid.

The expresident is currently involved in different social works, so we had a meeting in order to inform him about the specific qualities of deafblindness and the needs of the Deafblind people collective to achieve a decent life. 

He has been a relevant figure regarding measures which includes Deafblind people collective, as for example the Non Law Proposition 161/000800 of the Spanish Parliament concerning deafblindness as an unique disability that affects daily needed skills in order to have an independent life. We should also mention the Law 27/2007 of the 23rd october, that recognises the Spanish Sign Languages and regulates the support for oral communication of deaf people, hearing impaired and Deafblind.

At this meeting participated different representatives of our associative movement as our president, Francisco Trigueros who was with Librada Ruiz as ASOCIDE vicepresident and ASOCIDE Castilla y León president; Marina Martín as chairperson of the FASOCIDE Women Committee and ASOCIDE Madrid Region president; and finally Carlos Lima, chairperson of the Elderly Committee and founding member of ASOCIDE. The communication was effective thanks to the work of a professional team of 6 deafblind interpreters. 

We would like to thank also to Luis Natalio Royo, Territorial Delegate, and Teresa Peco, Territorial Councillor, both from ONCE Madrid in order to escort our president in the formal reception to the Government expresident. We also thank them for the meeting room they provided in order to have a comfortable meeting.

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