Workshop about deafblindness in Mallorca

On the 7th of May, a workshop to rise awareness about deafblindness organized by ONCE and FASOCIDE took place in Mallorca. Our colleague Rosada Rodrigo attended this event representing our federation. Furthermore, Josep Vilaseca, territorial delegate of ONCE Illes Balears; Alejandra Luque, head of the Department of Social Services; Mari Carmen Soler, president of the Territorial Council; Eugenio Romero, head of the UTS; and Susana Vicente, specialist in Deafblindness, also participated in this event.

In the morning ONCE talked about the existing services and programs for the deafblind people and, in addition, the fire brigade carried out a very interesting activity on how to act in situations of Emergency and Security at home. They showed the equipment and materials needed so that the participants could feel them themselves.

Taking advantage of the occasion, the Haptic emergency sign was shown, in which a large cross is drawn in the back of the Deafblind person so that he knows that there is an emergency happening. You can read this article for further information and here you can see the video of this sign:

In the afternoon, FASOCIDE gave a speech about the Deafblind people associative movement in order to explain the aspects of our collective, which communication systems are the most used and how to identify deafblind people thanks to the red-white cane. Also, we explained how to act with the collective in emergency situations when a place has to be evacuated.

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