What can you do during the quarantine? (Frank)

Hello to all the Spanish Deafblind people. I would like to keep sharing some information with you all. 

On this occasion, I really hope that you all are fine, even if you are with your relatives or living by your own. Days go by and this period is becoming long, maybe we find ourselves tired, sick or bored, or even burdened and other feelings.

We will give you some suggestions about  things you can do at home. From now on, we will share with you some videos with ideas, or different examples of things we can do at home, like sport, games and many other things. Some ideas we hope you like, let’s hope you do. 

If you are worried about something, please keep calmed, we will share with you encouraging messages. Furthermore, if you have any doubt or concern, do not keep it for yourself, if you need anything do not hesitate to contact us, FASOCIDE, in order to find a solution. All right? From here on out we will have a lot of fun at home.

Thank you to all of you, big hug.

And you? What do you do to enjoy better the quarantine?

Spanish Sign Language video:

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