What to do during the quarantine? (Casimiro)


I am at home, in quarantine due to the coronavirus… This suck! But we should not be bored, in my case it is almost impossible to me to get bored.

Why? I will explain you why: I studied, I am a design and animation professional. I have two projects, so I alternate the work between these projects.

One of them is 3D design, animation, short clips and I make them about deafblindness. But it is very long to explain now.

The other one is a video about tourism, it is also hard to explain and I do not want to give a lengthy description, but I will present it to you shortly so you are able to see it.

 (He shows us two screens, on the left there is a source code on the programming and on the right, he shows us first an animation with some characters holding a cane and then another one in which there is the design of a city and he moves around.)

 Did you see it? Did you like it? That’s all, do not get bored at home. You should look for activities you enjoy and that you know doing them, like cooking, handicrafts, whatever just to avoid being bored. Let’s think about some activities.

We have to wait 15 days or as long as it takes. See you later!

And you? What do you do to enjoy better the quarantine?

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