We attended the preview “Me llamo Gennet” (My name is Gennet).

Wednesday 3rd April was a special day which will be forever engraved in our memories. The preview of “Ma llamo Gennet” was a great success and it meant a lot for us Deafblind people.

The preview took place in the Callao Cinemas, an iconic place of Madrid. 36 Deafblind people attended this preview, among them Francisco J. Trigueros, president of the federation, and Gennet Corcuera, protagonist of the film.

Thanks to this film, directed by Miguel Ángel Tobías  and produced by Acca Media with the collaboration of Fundación Telefónica, RTVE and Digital Version, all the attendees could see the struggle and improvement of our colleague and friend Gennet. She overcame many obstacles that are portrayed in the film. After surviving an environment of extreme poverty in her first two years of life, Gennet was adopted in Ethiopia by her mother Carmen Corcuera, who gave her the strength to fight for her autonomy until she managed to successfully access and complete her educational stage, thanks to the resources and support of the ONCE Social Group. Then she become the first deafblind person to achieve an university career in Europe. After that she got a job in APASCIDE, where she is currently working as special education teacher. A model of improvement, struggle and determination which shows the daily life barriers that any Deafblind person has to face and how to deal with them succesfully.

We would like to thank all those who accompanied us on such a special and emotional day; to all of you who went to watch the film, and all of you who have put yourself in the shoes of Gennet Corcuera and have been able to empathize for a moment with the Deafblind people.

Thanks to Miguel Ángel Tobías and his whole team for putting on film to the story of our colleague and helping us in that way to rise awareness among society about what deafblindness is. Thank you as well to the 30 interpreters for deafblind and volunteers who made possible to us, the 36 Deafblind people that we went to the preview, to  get all the information regarding the special last Wednesday  night at the Callao Cinemas.

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