The Women’s Committee of Deafblind is doing research on gender-based violence

From the Women’s Committee of Deafblind of FASOCIDE, we raised the need of writing a report about the real situation which Deafblind girls and girl teenagers suffer regarding gender-based violence and discrimination in different areas of their life; such as family, school, leisure time activities, etc.

In order to conduct a project based on detection, identification and how to handle these issues, it is crucial to have the support of the families, professionals and organisations that work with and for the deafblind teenager girls and children. Furthermore, it is important to possess the testimony they can provide us by themselves.

The point is to survey in a qualitative and quantitative way how the women with deafblindness  are in the ages groups between 6 – 12 years old and 12 -18 years old.

Any type of participation and testimony regarding violence and discrimination will be treated anonymously.

From the Women Committee, we strongly ask for your collaboration, keeping in mind that today’s girls and teenagers  with deafblindness are tomorrow’s women with deafblindness, thus is our duty to give them a voice in order to draft a complaint protocol on equal terms as the other girls and teenagers with disabilities.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

All the people interested can contact us until the 25th March by this email address:

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