The King and Queen of Spain meet the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities

Last 3rd september the King and Queen of Spain held an audience with a delegation of CERMI at the Zarzuela Palace due to commemoratives events for the 40th Constitution anniversary last year.

At this meeting which our president Francisco Trigueros took part in as member of the delegation, the Monarchs and the members of CERMI explained them the situation of this collective as the projects the entity is working.

CERMI is the organisation that joins the main entities of the country which represents the 3,8 millions people with disabilities in Spain and their relatives. Its aim is to achieve the recognition of their rights and the equality of rights and opportunities.

From FASOCIDE, we would like to express our appreciation for counting on the support and help of this entity and to have the chance of providing our small contribution in order to move forward o the life quality improvement of people with disability.

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