Hello, I would like to send you a message.

I would like to thank all the members of the Board of Directors, deafblind people, of FASOCIDE and I would like to thank as well the deafblind people associations of the autonomous regions.

As you may know, they keep supporting us, working from their homes in order to keep managing our activities and work, enabling that everything goes right. Congratulations.

On the other hand, I would like to address to all the Spanish deafblind people in order to thank and congratulate them for respecting the quarantine rules, for staying at home and for being patience these days. It is very positive and we must thank that. Right?

Furthermore, and the most important thing, we really appreciate the work of all our professionals from FASOCIDE and its member associations. Thank you to all the deafblind interpreters, to all the services coordinators, thank you to all of you who go out to work, thank you for your support, for keeping in mind the needs of the deafblind people collective and thank you as well for the great effort you are doing to break the barriers we must face when going to buy food, to the pharmacy or any urgent matter.

Thank you, warm applause for you all.

Thank you to everyone.

Lily (her teamwork appear in a video calling in her computer screen): Us, from Castilla y León, we would like to say thank you too.


I really appreciate the efforts that all the associations and the workers are doing, in order to keep providing the attention service to deafblind people. Thank you! (Applause)


From ASOCIDE Madrid Region, we would like to join this thankfulness message, and I would like to highlight the special work that our deafblind interpreters do, always supporting us, being exposed to a health risk. Without their help we could not face this situation. Thank you very much. (Applause)


Hello, my name is Silvia Valbuena, as the president of ASOCIDE Asturias and on behalf the deafblind people community, thanks. (Applause).


(Applause) Thank you.

María José:

Hello, I am María José and I am the president of ASOCIDE Aragon. Thank you very much to everyone! (Applause)

Mary Tere: 

Thank you, thank you! (Applause)

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