Spanish Sign Languages National Day

This 14th June, we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Spanish sign languages national day and from FASOCIDE we would like to join this commemoration.

The 14th June was chosen because on that day, back in 1936, the CNSE was funded. As the CNSE says: “It is a date to remind and to honour the work, the effort and the determination of those who keep protecting our language as well as they promote it as a language of culture, communication, ideas exchanging and access to knowledge”.

Today is an important day for our collective, because the sign language is one of the many communication systems that we use, and it could be also tactile.

Thanks to the sign languages, the LSE (Spanish Sign Language) and the LSC (Catalan Sign Language), the deaf and deafblind people are able to access to information on equal terms.

This year in particular, we could access to the relevant information thanks to the Spanish and Catalan sign language interpreter in the media. 

From FASOCIDE we demand full accessibility in the media by the sign language interpreter professional. We cannot forget that the right to access to information is a basic right of everyone.

We hope that during the day we break the barriers in order to see a positive picture of the Sign Languages and the Deaf and Deafblind People as well. Let’s celebrate this day as an achievement in this relentless struggle to get full rights, full accessibility and social inclusion. 

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