New extension of the Alarm State

Today, Saturday 18th April, the president of the Spanish government announced that tomorrow he will discuss some matters with the chairpersons of the Autonomous Regions and the next week, he will present the proposal to Congress of Deputies of extending the Alarm State until May the 9th. He states that he has already spoken with different politic parties and it seems that everyone agrees with this proposal, so it is almost certain that it will be approved.

The Alarm State will be extended, but that does not mean that the measures settled will still be the same as before, with the same lockdown measures and the same restrictions, but the rules may change from the 27th April on.

They will keep us informed, but one rule they expect to change is the lockdown for children in the whole country. The aim is to find out the best way to provide some relief with short and controlled walks. The rules to be taken will be specified soon.

To the other citizens, maybe the rules are less restrictive.

Anyways, they will keep us informed of any new decision they take. Furthermore, the government, the autonomous regions and councils will manage and share the information about their situations constantly in order to know if the new measures are making the situation get worse. That is the reason why, it is crucial that we all respect the rules and suggestions of the Government and the Health experts.

In the near future, as soon as the Government officially announce the new measures, we will forward this information again.


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