It is a Christmas Card in landscape format. It is a close-up picture of a little proportion of the Christmas tree (approximately 20 cm), in which you can see green branches with some little blue electric lights and on the right there are some decorative elements.

The decorative element located on the right is a golden Christmas ball, with a horizontal white strip of sheepskin on the top of it. On the left of the ball, not exactly in the center of the image, there is a blue electric ball with glitter, hanging from a little branch that appears on the top of the image. Both elements, vertically in the center, cover between the 60% and 80% of the vertical space of the image and approximately 40% of the horizontal space.

On the left, in white letters highlighted by a small electric blue glow, there is a sentence: “FASOCIDE wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy year 2019”, divided into three lines. The first one “FASOCIDE wishes you”, the second ” Merry Christmas” and the third one “a happy year 2019″.

On the bottom left corner, there is the logo of FASOCIDE versioned to monochrome white line drawing.


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