25th November 2018

Day For The Elimination of Violence Against Women

 Together we build the present and we think about the future


Today is the international day to eradicate the violence against women.

Today, girls with disabilities would like to say that we do not want suffer due to violence.

Violence do not let us enjoy our rights.

There are more than 50 thousand girls with disabilities in Spain.

We are as many as the number of people who live in Segovia.


 What kind of problems do girls with disabilities have to face?

We want to emphasize 3 relevant problems:

  • We, girls with disabilities, are overprotected.
  • We, girls with disabilities, cannot express our opinion
  • We, girls with disabilities, suffer violence.


 We girls are overprotected

Girls with disabilities we live overprotected.

That means that we are protected too much.

Everyone protects us more than we need: at home, in school and everywhere

No one really helps us to develop ourselves in order to become in women who are able to live the way we want to live.


 We girls with disabilities cannot express our opinion.

We want to voice on important topics about our lives:

  • Our education.
  • Where and who we want t olive with when our families get separated.
  • Our friendships.
  • What do we want to become.

Sometimes no one listen to our opinion.

We want to grow up as other teenager girls between 14 and 18 years old.

Anyone believes us when we say someone is hurting us.


We girls with disabilities suffer violence.

Violence against girls and boys is another very big problem.

There are many people who do not know this problem.

Violence against women is also a serious problem.

If you are a woman and you have any kind of disability you will be more susceptible to suffer violence.

They even take us on surgery treatment without asking us first and without we notice what is happening.

They take us on surgery treatment to avoid we can become mothers.

This situation is called forced sterilization.

Worst violence is the sexual violence.

Sexual violence is for example, when someone touches your breasts with malice.

Sometimes we suffer sexual violence from the closest people.

These people deceive it easily.

Then they say that we lie and that it is our fault.

How are we going to defend ourselves when this violence comes from the people in charge of taking care of us?

For example: professionals and relatives.


What do the Law say?

There are 2 laws that many countries signed

which are very important to us:

  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • The Convention about the Rights of People With Disabilities

Estas leyes dicen que los países deben cumplir nuestros derechos. These laws say that countries must fulfill our rights. For example, girls have the right to:

  • To be protected
  • To express our opinion.
  • That they take into account our disability to help us.
  • To be mothers when we are older, if we want.

We have these rights just like the rest of the girls and boys.

In Spain, there are laws which protect us but there are also laws that do not help us.

A lot of people forget our problems.


What do we, girls with disabilities, ask?

Girls with disabilities want:

  • To express our opinion, to be heard and to be taken into account.
  • To control our bodies.

For example: No one can touch us without permission.

We want to know further about our bodies and our sexuality.

  • To ban the forced sterilisation.
  • That our families and professionals receive training on our rights

So they can help us better.

  • To create specific areas to participate in the organisations that help us.

For example: That we are able to give public speeches.

We want all this because together we build the present and we think about the future.


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