International Women’s Day

ITomorrow, March 8th is the International Women’s Day and as every year  FASOCIDE joins to the commemoration of this day by showing our support in the struggle for equality. 

As you already know, FASOCIDE has a Women Committee in which we focus all our efforts to achieve the equality for Deafblind women. This collective has to face several barriers due to their deafblindness which is agravated by the reason of being women.  

CERMI remind us in their manifesto that “women with disabilities keep being the most poor and excluded group due to the lack of competitive professional training, the gender digital gap, high rate of unemployment, lack of access to the labour market, the execution of non-market activities, wage differential between men and women,  the obstacles remaining due to the lack of conciliation with the family life and labour life, longer life expectancy of women, thus the different ways of discrimination due to gender and disability”.

In this sense, FASOCIDE would like to raise awareness of this inequality and to express all its support to the collective of women with disabilities, more specifically to Deafblind women, who fight every day in order to achieve equality.

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