III Social of Women and Girls with Disability

On the 21st and 22 nd November the III Social Forum of Women and Girls with Disability took place in Pamplona, organised jointly by CERMI Women and CERMI Navarra.

Representatives of the ASOCIDE’s Deafblind Women Committees participated in this event: Fuensanta Trigueros Molina from ASOCIDE Valencia Region; Manuela García Alarcón from ASOCIDE Murcia Region; Marina Martín Rodríguez from ASOCIDE Madrid and Representative of the National Deafblind Women Committee of FASOCIDE and the President of ASOCIDE Castilla y León and Vicepresident of FASOCIDE, Librada Ruiz Aguilera. A deafblind woman from the Murcia region also participated.

The motto of this third edition was “United in adversity” and 300 women and girls with disability from different cities and entities of the social movement from all over Spain took part of it.

On Thursday morning it took place many meeting spaces in which two women with disability presented personally their life experiences; Wafa El Elj, gender-based violence survivor and Alicia Ramajo, transgender woman with disability. There were also presented different topics about: “Sexual Diversities”, Diversities due to ethnicity, race, religion and migration” and “Elder women diversity”.

On Thursday afternoon the event was organised by the Parliament of Navarra. There they read the Manifesto written down by the Women CERMI Foundation on the occassion of the 25th November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, in which a deafblind woman read a part of the Manifest in front of the assistants, women and girls with disabilities and representative people of the Parliament from Navarra.

The CERMI Women Foundation exposes with this Manifesto the situation that thousands of women with disabilities face in Spain and around the world who survive to gender-based violence in every area (economic, labour, institutional, psychological, physical, sexual and symbolic violence).

On Friday the chairwomen of the Committees participated in some training workshops “Empowering women with disability” and “There is a way out to violence against women”, in order to compile knowledge regarding women and disability, with the aim of sharing that information to the deafblind women of each region.

While finishing the workshops they were able to share their own conclusions and their participation experience at the whole event. Marina Martín Rodríguez took this opportunity to thank to the organisation for conducting these kinds of Forum of Women and Disability, and she highlighted the relevance of the deafblind women participation. Furthermore, she expressed her faith regarding the next years there will be more participants because these spaces are crucial to give them voice, to empower them and to give them proper tools to finish any discrimination they may suffer.

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