Last 27TH October the I Seminar about Deafblindness in Donostia, San Sebastian, took place, which was organized by ASOCIDE Euskadi.

The purpose of this seminar was to raise awareness about deafblindness and different topics were discussed, such as:

-“Communication systems and deafblind people”, by the president of ASOCIDE CyL and vicepresident of ASOCIDE Nacional, Librada Ruiz.

– “Deafblind women” by Fuensanta Trigueros, chair of the Women Committee of ASOCIDE CV.

-“Objectives and Services of FASOCIDE”, by our president Francisco Javier Trigueros.

-“Services, resources and essential support for Social Integration of Deafblind people”, by Eugenio Romero, Coordinator of the Technical Unit of Deafblindness of ONCE.

-“The Professional Profile of the Communication Assistant and the Interpreter for Deafblind people”, by Raquel Díaz-Cardiel, Teacher of the Higher Level Training Cours of Communication Assistance in Ponce de León, Madrid.

Thanks to all the speeches it was possible to debate and highlight those relevant points regarding the development, insertion and participation of deafblind people in Spanish society. The aim was to promote and create all kinds of actions which promote human, intellectual and social development of the collective and, therefore, to improve their quality of life.

We would like to congratulate our colleagues from ASOCIDE Euskadi for the magnificent organization of the seminar and we would like to also thank the team of professional Deafblind interpreters who made the speeches accessible to the Deafblind and deaf participants. We also appreciate all the effort of Foundation Kutxa and would like to thank them for the support given to make possible that we reach all the social institutions to achieve our inclusion in society.

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