Guide-dog International Day

Rosana and her guide dog.Today, April 28th, the Guide-dog International Day is celebrated.

The guide-dog work is a very important accessibility tool for both blind people and us, Deafblind people.

In Spain, ONCE Foundation of Guide-dog is the responsible of the upbringing and training of this dogs, becoming a world reference.

For assigning dogs to their users, they take into account both profiles to ensure compatibility, and in this line, there are dogs prepared from the beginning for deafblind people, taking into account the particularities of their needs and their communication.

In addition to the education the dog receives in the FOPG, before the user goes home with dog, they must go through a training period for several days in which user and dog get to know each other and start working together. The person must learn the indications that the dog knows already and both must learn to understand each other. During this period, our deafblind guides accompany the deafblind person so that communication with the trainer is full and fluid.

Deafblind people guide-dog users express that dogs provide them with even more information and safety that other tools such as the cane.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that when we see someone with a guide dog, we must not touch him, no matter how calm we see him. We should always ask the person he is accompanying if we can touch him and only if they authorise us to do so we could pet him.

The guide dog is working, any distraction we cause may pose a danger to the person he is accompanying.

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