Today is a very sad day for us because our colleague Eva de Andrés passed away.

When Eva was 14 years old, she suffered hearing loss and few years later she started having vision problems. Despite this condition, she was always a strong young person, active and sure of being a Deafblind woman.

Notwithstanding all her health problems she has suffered in the recent years, those which have taken our great friend away, she was always happy and smiling in that struggle and facing all the setbacks that were coming to her.

Relentless fighter, she always got back up after every fall and she lifted us up with her. Where others would see weakness, we had the leader who always led the way and encouraged others to follow her path.

Proud to belong to our associative movement, as she transmitted to us last February in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of ASOCIDE, Eva has been the territorial delegate of ASOCIDE in Comunidad de Madrid for more than 8 years, founder and president of the association ASOCIDE Comunidad de Madrid and currently she combined these two responsibilities with her position as vice president of FASOCIDE. Always, and until the last day, fighting for the rights of Deafblind people.

When we speak about Eva we automatically have in mind Jorge, her husband. Not just a husband, but much more than that: the greatest love that can be offered to a person, the strongest pillar that Eva has always had and for us a colleague and a friend who we want to give all our affection.

Eva, wherever you are, thank you. Thank you for always fighting for our rights, for always willing to approach Deafblind people to society, for being able to represent and defend the different profiles that form our collective, for always giving us your love and good humour and above all, thanks for your strength, thanks for teaching us to be strong and to keep fighting.

The family that we form in FASOCIDE and its associations will always keep you in our hearts.

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