FASOCIDE’s Haptic Project is approaching the end.

The FASOCIDE’s working committee dedicated to the develoment of the haptic system in Spain is still working and is approaching its final stage.

The development of this system in Spain and its adaptation to the idiosyncrasies of deafblind people in our country requires a process of evaluation of the needs of the collective, knowledge of the haptic system in the reference countries and, thereafter, evaluation and consensus on the signs to be used in each case.

The amount of economic resources that we receive in Spain is much lower than in the reference countries of the haptic system, adaptations have been made so that the same professional who carries out the tasks of Deafblind interpretation can integrate this system as a complement, waiting to obtain these resources and improve the situation.

Therefore, signs have been agreed to be made on the back of the deafbind person, in some area of the arm and other signs that can be made in both parts of the body depending on what the situation requires. Below you can see a couple of videos as examples: the “interpret” signo n the back and the “deafblind person” sign o the arm.

Spanish haptic sign: to interpret
Spanish haptic sign: deafblind person

The final glossary is expected to be ready for release in 2022.

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