FASOCIDE wishes you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021.

Landscaped image with resin figurines that form a Nativity scene, on a lot of straw of brown and green tones. All the picture is stained with more intense black on the outside ad softer as it approaches the centre, until it reaches the image of the Child Jesus, which does look sharp.

In the centre Child Jesus appears with his hand palms showing out and slightly covered at the waist with a blue cloth.

On the right in the image, Virgin Mary on her knees next to him, with the hands on the chest, tilts his head slightly while she looks at him sweetly. She wears a red cloak slightly turned to the height of her head, letting see the inner colour of it, white. Under the cloak can be sensed a black jacket.

To the left of the Child in the image, St. Joseph standing, looking towards the Child, dressed with jacket and wide orange-coloured clothes. His right hand on his chest and the left one holds a long cane with a curved handle. Leafy hair and beard, both dark brown or black.

At the foot of St. Joseph, also to the left of the Child in the image, appear the ox and mule, lying down.

To the right of the Child, ahead of Mary, appears a lamb standing.

After Mary and the lamb, further to the right of the picture, a sheperd with wide clothes in dark yellow tones brings a present to the Child.

Behind the Child, in the centre of the image, but behind Him, an angel appears with a long red dress and large bwings with brown tones. In his hands he holds a cloth that says “GLORY”.

In the upper left corner, the FASOCIDE’s logo appears in gold monochrome linear format. Then, the sentence “FASOCIDE wishes you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021” in the same golden tone.

In the lower left corner, on a black background and in small size, the phrase “Simulation of vision of a kind of deafblind person”.

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