Since 2020, due the pandemic cause by COVID-19, the society has had to adapt to a new way of live and to comply with the strict safety regulations imposed to control virus transmission, restricting their freedom and movement ability.

It has been a very uncertainty period and it is being very hard and difficult for everyone, but it is being more difficult for the collective of deafblind people, if we take into account that they require physical contact in order to communicate and to move, something specifically forbidden for curbing infection.

For deafblind people this situation has been even more challenging for their great capacity of adaptation and resilience, since their barriers of access to information, communication and mobility have worsened and, in addition, lot of them have been suffered an extremely loneliness and isolation and with the world around them.

The professionals of the deafblind interpreters’ services have been at the side of deafblind people throughout the pandemic, trying to reduce that feeling of loneliness, informing them, helping them as much as possible and accompanying them when it has been necessary, complying as much as possible with the health regulations at all times, but, at the same time, making the necessary adaptations to meet the basic needs of each and every one of the deafblind people.

For this reason, the work with deafblind people during this period has been even more essential if possible and, therefore, one more year we want to disseminate and thank the collaboration of la Caixa Foundation that through the Programme of Grants for Social Initiatives Projects gives us its support by selecting our Programme for the personal autonomy of deafblind people, deafblind interpreters: the path to an independent life. Thanks to this invaluable collaboration together, with the ONCE Foundation and the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, it is possible that the real and effective equality of the rights of deafblind people is closer every day. 

To this and many more years of collaboration.


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