Last Monday and Tuesday 23rd and 24rd of May, FASOCIDE held its General Assembly in which all member associations participated: ASOCIDE Andalucía, ASOCIDE Aragón, ASOCIDE Castilla y León, ASOCIDE Catalunya, ASOCIDE Comuidad Valenciana, ASOCIDE Euskadi, ASOCIDE Comunidad de Madrid, ASOCIDE Región de Murcia and ASOCIDE Canarias, as well as the representatives of the Youth Committee, Women’s Committee and the Elderly Committee.

The Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies took place in Hotel Elba in Madrid, where the participants dealt with all the relevant matters of FASOCIDE and its member associations. They spoke about the activities that the organisation did last year and future projects. They were two very busy days in which all the achievements and successes were highlighted. We also established the course of action to follow in order to improve the quality of life of Deafblind people and make society aware of our disability.

As every year, the Assemblies were completely accessible thanks to the work of the guide-interpreters, who play an essential role in enabling us to carry out this event. They provide us with the necessary resources so we can communicate independently because they know the different communication systems that are adapted to the needs of each Deafblind person and they guide us when travelling.

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