From FASOCIDE we have launched a Haptic sign that we want to spread as much as possible. This sign will be used in emergency situations, in which a Deafblind person must be notified of a possible evacuation or a similar emergency situation.

To be able to notify a Deafblind person in this situation, it has been agreed a sign in which we have to draw a large X on their back with the index and middle fingers together. In this video you can see how to do the sign.

This is the image you where you can see it.

We ask you to share this article as much as possible, so that any person in society and any Deafblind person can recognize and use this sign.


*Photo Description:

In the picture appears the back of a person and the hand of another person touching the bottom left side of the person’s back with the index and heart finger. There is an  arrow drawn on the back that goes from above to the right down to the left, where the number 1 appears indicating that this is the first position. Then, with the number 2, another arrow appears that goes from the top left to the bottom right. The two arrows together draw an X on the back.


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