Deafblind Youth National Days in Murcia Region

Deafblind Youth National Days started on last 3rd July. It is a special event organised by FASOCIDE altogether the State Secretariat for Social Services. This event lasted until the 7th July and took place in San Pedro del Pinatar city, in Murcia Region. Its aim is to pursue the creation of a temporary environment without communication and mobility barriers in order to promote relation with peers and to reduce somehow their social skills weakness which these young deafblind have to face. Thus, to help them to build their own identity and encouraging their autonomy and capabilities.

This event started with an opening act at the Town Hall of Murcia in which we outlined the speech of Sergio Romero García, a deafblind guy, who despite having no mobility in almost all his body and having no sensitivity from his breast down, he sent a message of overcoming and encouragement to the Young deafblind. After this opening act, they visited Murcia city and they went also to the Museum de la Huerta, in Alcantarilla, where they could enjoy the traditions and customs of the Murcia Region by touching.

On Thursday, they started the day with paddel surf, an activity in the water, which was completely adapted by the Association Océano Libre for the Young deafblind collective. That afternoon, the Citizen Participation Committee in Murcia presented a workshop about social media safety, which Young deafblind have a widening access thanks to the help of the new technologies.

On Friday morning they went to the Centro de Visitantes Las Salinas, a natural area where the Young deafblind enjoyed by touching, smelling and tasting. In the afternoon, the National Association of Disability and Sexuality gave a workshop which taugh to the Young deafblind to accept themselves and they had also further information regarding taboo subjects. They also had a yoga session with singing bowls, they enjoyed an afternoon at the La Manga beach and a farewell dinner in the Arena hotel in order to close these exciting days.

They were always accompanyed by interpreters for deafblind, professionals who made these days, that space in which Young deafblind enjoyed training, cultural and leisure and free time activivities, took place in a free communication and mobility barriers environment. In that environment, totally adapted, the Young deafblind approached a little to their own identity interacting with each other and, for a while, they had an inclusive world through their hands.

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