Comments and suggestions of things to do during the quarantine from the EDbU vicepresident.

Hi there! I am a deafblind person. My name is Frank and this is my sign name. I am from Spain. I am also the current vice-president of the European Union of the Deafblind, EDbU. This is its sign name. 

I would like to speak about the Coronavirus and the difficult situation that Europe and all the member states are facing right now, which it is forbidden to go out from home. 

Thinking about those deafblind people who live with their relatives, we could say they have a good situation. Nevertheless, there are deafblind people who live by their own independently, how are they going to buy some food? A deafblind interpreter can help them. In case this option is not possible, you can contact the EDbU.

I suppose that you might be at home a little bit bored, because there have been many days without going out and maybe you do not know how to spend time. Some ideas are for example to exercise at home, like to walk a lot in order to be more active. Also, another idea is to play chess. I chat with a friend of mine via WhatsApp so I can play chess with him remotely. There are many different options, like surfing the internet or to watch a film or any other thing. 

Any problem you may have, please do not hesitate to contact the EDbU. All right? 

I hope you are not sad and I would like to encourage you.

Nice to meet you all,


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