ASOCIDE Andalucía and Aragón become members of CERMI

Our associations of Deafblind People ASOCIDE Andalucía and ASOCIDE Aragón are taking already part of the Spanish Representative Committee of People with Disabilities, CERMI. Each association in its Autonomous Region.

It is a great news for us to be member of this platform which struggles for the rights of people with disabilities.  It is a pleasure also to work and collaborate with them. We are aware that unity is strength, thus we feel lucky for having such entity which fights in order to improve the quality of life of people with disability.

In July 2016, our federation was accepted as related entity of CERMI. During these years deafblind people collective have had our own voice and we felt supported by all the other entities members of CERMI.

This year, once again, we celebrate that our autonomous associations have the same opportunity in their regions and we would like to thank to all the organizations which made it possible, specially to CERMI.

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