Air companies will enable the access to deafblind interpreters to the boarding area

Today it is a good day! After more than a year fighting in order to achieve this request, thanks to CERMI which intermediated with AENA, today it has been published on the Spanish Official Bulletin of the State (BOE) this great news.

Today 1st August 2019 come into effect and it has been published on the BOE Spanish “Official Bulletin of the State”, the authorization to give specific acompanying cards by the air companies to people who assist deafblind persons.

It is a step forward to achieve our inclusión, our accessibility and our autonomy. We are pleased to realise that our struggly has a meaning and that little by little we are improving the inclusion for the deafblind people collective.

We would like to thank again to CERMI for its great help; we feel lucky for having the support of such platform that does not cease fighting for the inclusion of people with disability.

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