Accessibility is posible thanks to guide-interpreters

For the first time, a Deafblind person will chair a polling station.

Antonio Acosta, ASOCIDE Canarias president, will chair a polling station on next 28th April.

This is the first time that a Deafblind person is elected as chair of a polling station. Thanks to the guide-interpreter service of ASOCIDE Canarias, our partner Antonio will be able to participate on equal terms to carry out his work like any other citizen.

Antonio Acosta will be able to show to all the people who come to vote on the next 28th April, that Deafblind people can participate in society as long as we have the necessary resources, as guides-interpreters, who guide us in the places we do not know and interpret us, in order to communicate autonomously with people who do not know our communication system.

From ASOCIDE Canarias we appreciate the predisposition and the support we received from the Electoral Board of the Zone, as well as from the Citizen’s Advice Service of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council which gave us their support since the beginning, so that Mr. Acosta could exercise his right to participate on equal terms with the rest of the members of the table.

Congratulations Antonio!

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