FASOCIDE established a new Committee, in this case for Accessibility, in order to meet the demands of the Deafblind people, trying to find out the needs which affect the collective in different fields and to keep working to break the barriers we have to face in our daily life. 

The Executive Board of FASOCIDE has pointed Rosana Rodrigo as chairperson of the Committee.

Rosana has a long career in the associative movement. She is currently the secretary general of ASOCIDE Madrid Region and since some years she has been working on raising awareness socially about the needs of the Deafblind people, by giving speeches to different groups of different ages on how to make accessibility to communication and to the surroundings easier to us, among other things. 

FASOCIDE has been fighting since the beginning in order to break these barriers, so we hope this committee will be able to channel better our needs regarding the accessibility. 

You are able to contact the committee by sending an email to:

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