voluntariado pscVolunteering

From the different entities in FASOCIDE, enhances and fosters the provision of a specific volunteer service for Deafblind people. This important service is established in most of the territorial delegations of ASOCIDE as well as in the rest of associations federated.

This is a complementary service from the “guide-interpreters service” and allows some Deafblind people’s daily life activities that otherwise would not be possible.

Currently, the volunteer service for accompaniment and communication make possible:

  • Shopping for small domestic purchases.
  • Realization of sports activities.
  • Enjoy walks
  • Home visits to read the instructions and teach the use of the different household appliances.
  • To facilitate communication when performing small domestic repairs: plumbing, heating, electrical appliances…
  • Individual visits to museums and exhibitions.
  • Trekking tours…


It means, any activity which is not covered in the scope of the guide-interpreters service.

The volunteers group consists of hearing or Deaf people who have or not official degree, using the sign language as well as the different communication systems of Deafblind people, as well as the guide technique for moving.

To request this service, the Deafblind person must be in contact with their territorial delegation of ASOCIDE or its corresponding association, in order to confirm if it has a volunteering list.

Activities involving an economic cost, the Deafblind person shall bear the corresponding to the volunteer person, in addition to his/her own.

Given the voluntary and non-remunerated for this action, this service will only be possible if any of the volunteers is available in requested time and date.

If you are interested in volunteer you can see all the information you need in the corresponding section of your website. You can also contact with ASOCIDECAT, ASOCIDECV or ASOCIDE EUSKADI for this same purpose.

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