DIPSC EXPOSICIONSocial and cultural activities

It is a main objective for the Deafblind people associative movement to offer an opportunity for social participation and interrelation between them. Given our special communication characteristics, it should be considered that this interrelation constitutes an opportunity to enrich our particular communication system and break our isolation by providing rich communication experiences and general information that we do not receive in our everyday environment. These opportunities allow moments and situations where Deafblind people can share and communicate equal with other Deafblind people who use our same communication systems, and share our same characteristics and difficulties.

Through the organization of social and cultural activities, adapted to the special communication needs and alternative entertainment, the different associations of Deafblind people federated in FASOCIDE promote associative movement between Deafblind people, to provide possibilities for active exchange of experiences, possible and effective communication with other Deadlined people in an active participation environment.

Social and cultural activities program on the different associations of FASOCIDE, in some cases are made in collaboration with the different areas of influence and ONCE corresponding centers, they include the organization and development of all kinds of associative, cultural and training activities for Deafblind people.

They are basically divided into those organized at the national level, organized by FASOCIDE and those others with participation is exclusively regional or autonomous and organized and managed by the corresponding Deafblind Association or by ASOCIDE in its territorial delegations.

Activities include, for example, the annual national camp for Deafblind adults, weekend activities, cultural visits, social activities, information sessions, conferences, etc.

In 1998 was created the youth group of leisure and free time for the young Deafblind of Madrid, according to the demands and needs of this group. Currently FASOCIDE organizes an annual gathering for this group of young members from each association, and also the Youth Committee is working to defend the rights and concerns of this group.

Young people aged between 16 and 21, have enjoyed all kinds of activities such as the rest of the boys and girls their age. A couple of times a month we organize activities (normally on Friday evening or Saturday morning or afternoon) according to their concerns and their motivations: go to the pool, ice skating, bowling, billiards, visit museums, nightlife, the discos, etc.

We also use to make weekend trips to youth hostels in order to enjoy all kinds of activities, giving priority to the contact with nature: hiking, cooperative games to outdoor activities, etc.

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