Attention and advice service for Deafblind people

This individualized service for Deafblind people is provided through the federated associations members of FASOCIDE.

It is an attention, guidance and advice service for Deafblind people which is a reference point where they can go to demand any type of support and they receive:

  • Information on interesting topics
  • Guidance on the different social resources that they can access to
  • Make arrangements on activities that affect their daily lives
  • Held telephone arrangements (ask for appointments, troubleshooting, call family…)
  • Get access to general information news.
  • Reading texts: emails, faxes, SMS, letters, etc, which may present understanding difficulties for them by the its content’s characteristics.
  • Assistance in filling in forms.
  • Placement of new members and support in the initial stages of the approach to the group.
  • Information and advice to Deafblind people’s families.

Deafblind people are attended individually, when they come for different matters, contemplating in each case the specific communication needs and communicative understanding level in order to fix or solve specific situations. From this perspective, the Deafblind person finds communicative resources which allow making different arrangements, e.g. requests for appointments or arrangements with mobile phone companies or internet, etc.

Letters and writing documents are explained. In some cases because they can not read them due to the visual impairment, or they do not have technological aid permitted, or because they present understanding difficulties and require, the corresponding cases, translation into sign language so they can assimilate and understand the contents accurately.

Attention service for Deafblind people, it is therefore a resource where they can come to be able to make all kinds of efforts, especially by phone, as well as being a point of reference where Deafblind people can go in order to resolve situations and difficulties arising from their communication difficulties and informational isolation.

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