Extension of the Alert State until the 25th April.

The president of the government, Pedro Sánchez announced that the Alert State will be extended until the 00:00 of the next 25th April. He said that thanks to the quarantine the situation is improving and the number of infected might go down, that is the reason why it is important to keep following the settled rules. He also thanked to...
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What to do during the quarantine? (Sonia)

Hello to everyone, my deafblind colleagues. I stay at home, but I do not get bored. . It is important to keep a positive thinking and to keep calm. What do I do at my home? I clean the whole house carefully, disinfecting everything in order to kill the virus. I also wash my hands everyday. I do some exercise...
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What to do during the quarantine? (Imane)

Hello! I am the president of ASOCIDE Catalunya. I stay at home and I do a lot of things. I always had many tasks, so I never had time for myself, and now, as we must stay at home, I am taking this opportunity in order to do all those things I left behind. On the one hand, I love...
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Resources to report gender-based violence situations.

Hello to all of you! From the Deafblind Women Committee of FASOCIDE we would like to share some important information with you. The  support service to women victims of gender-based violence keeps active. The Foundation CERMI Women drafted a document with information for women and girls with disability, mothers and nursemaid persons of relatives with disabilities. This document compiles the...
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What to do during the quarantine? (Rodrigo)

Hello! I stay at home. What I do is to work with my computer. I do different kind of works. Take a look! (He types and moves the mouse while looking closely the different sections of the screen). Great, good bye! And you? What do you do to enjoy better the quarantine?...
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